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Discover Seamless Transactions with UPI Mandate Registration

Delight your customers with seamless services, not reminders. Convenient and Cost-Effective Way to Accept Recurring Payments

Paycorp UPI Mandate Swift, Secure and Seamless Authentication

Why Paycorp UPI Mandates

Safeguards the financial details of the recipient

Safeguards the financial details of the recipient

Instant non-revocable transfer of small value payments.

Instant non-revocable transfer of small value payments.

Easily implemented with the Existing System

Easily implemented with the Existing System

Easy and Effortless Authentication Process

Paycorp UPI Mandate authorizes easy integration with banks and corporates.

Benefits of Paycorp UPI Mandates

Instant, Quick and Easy Set Up

Instant and easy implementation with the corporate’s existing system.

Fast and Secure

Perfect solution for low-value, recurring payments across multiple banks.

Cost Effective

UPI Mandate reduces up to 80% costs compared to traditional Paper Mandates.

UPI mandates: Ideal for you and your consumers


A one-time authorization makes it convenient for you and your consumer a like.

Simple and Quick

With UPI mandates, recurring payments are deducted in a completely automated manner without further human intervention.

Make revenue more predictable

UPI mandates help you expand your business with assured and timely recurring payments.

No extra charges

No extra charges to be paid by the customer to set up UPI Mandates.

Can be revoked any time

The customer has the flexibility to revoke or pause the UPI mandates at any point of time in the future.

Flexibility to Deduction

Mandates can be set for weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly or as-presented frequency.

Never lose out on timely payments

UPI mandates ensure smooth running of recurring payments. Once setup, there is no losing out on timely payments.

Small transactions possible

Automated debit for transactions up to Rs. 5,000.

How UPI mandates works in

UPI Mandates Lodgment

Corporate can create UPI mandates through filled-up UI/CSV file upload/API. They can fill up paycorp’s pre-configured mandates with details such as payment amount, frequency and customer’s other details.

Customer Notification

Customer will get Email/SMS notification containing shortened URL link of Customer can verify the details and redirect the authorization page to

Mandate Authorization

Customer clicks on the link and authorizes UPI mandate by entering his UPI PIN. UPI mandate is set up and the first transaction is complete.

UPI Mandates Customers

Mandates Subscriptions

API UPI Mandates

  • Unlimited Mandates
  • Dashboard & Reports
  • Basic API
  • Net banking/Debit card Authentication
  • 24x7 Customer support
  • Monthly Billing
  • Insights & reports
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UPI Mandate

  • Unlimited Mandates
  • Dashboard & Reports
  • Basic API
  • Aadhaar OTP Authentication
  • 24x7 Customer support
  • Monthly Billing
  • Insights & reports
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Transaction file Presentment

  • Transaction files .xls, .csv .txt
  • Dashboard & Reports
  • Basic API
  • 24x7 Customer support
  • Monthly/Annual Billing
  • Insights & reports
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is UPI Mandate?

A UPI Mandate is a feature provided by the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) that allows users to schedule recurring payments or automate transactions.

How does UPI Mandate work?

UPI mandates are mandates setup for registered UPI consumers for recurring low value autopayments. Consumers can use any UPI channel to setup recurring payments to recipients by setting up the recipients Virtual Private Address, payment amount and frequency of payment. Once they setup and authorize the mandate through their PIN, the consumer account is debited automatically for the configured amount and credited recipient on the due date.

How to set up UPI Mandate? offers simple extensions to corporates to initiate UPI mandate setup with consumers. Corporates can send the UPI mandate setup link to Consumers via email, sms or whatsapp message. Consumers can follow the simple setup process by clicking on the link and setup UPI mandate.

What reports can I get periodically when I set up UPI Mandate using PayCorp?

The dashboard facility of provides extensive graphs, which drill down into many useful reports. Subscribers can explore and customize the dashboards and drill down reports as well.

Can I process payments through after setting up UPI Mandate?

Yes, corporates can process UPI payment through after setting UPI mandates through

How will I know if the UPI Mandate set up is successful or not?

Corporates and consumers will receive SMS, email notification upon successful setup of UPI mandates.

How will I know when the payment is received into my account?

If corporates have API interface with, the credit information will be passed on to your accounting system. will share with corporates regards all payments initiated during the day. also provide dashboard with drill down facility for corporates to be informed of all payments received during the day.