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After successful authentication of the mandate the bank will page will confirm success or failure of the mandate. The message should be displayed by the corporate to the customer. Additionally, SMS may be sent by the corporate/customer bank to the customer intimating the successful registration of the mandate.
If the mandate is rejected by the sponsor bank then the destination bank should remove the mandate registration from CBS. Destination/customer bank should send SMS to the customer when the mandate is returned by the sponsor bank along with the reason for rejection.
Sponsor bank should send daily report to the corporate with the details of the mandates successfully accepted in the system.
Debit transaction, to the customer’s account, cane be initiated only after mandate is accepted by the sponsor bank and UMRN is active in MMS system.
Amendment/Cancellation can be done only by the sponsor bank.
Customer can approach either the corporate or his banker for amending a mandate. The bank should follow the amendment procedure detailed in the business specification document.
It will be effective after the acceptance of the receiver bank.
Customer should approach the corporate for cancellation of a mandate. Based on the request, corporate will intimate the sponsor bank for initiating the request. The bank should follow the cancellation procedure detailed in the business specification document.
As per RBI guidelines the records should be retained for a period of 10 years. Record maintenance is governed by RBI, therefore if the stipulated period changes the member banks should follow the guidelines issued by RBI from time to time.
An Application Service Provider (ASP) can integrate eSign online electronic signature service so that the users of that ASP will be able to use eSign. A physical paper form/document which is currently used to obtain digital signature certificate can be replaced by its electronic form and thereby facilitate electronic signature of the signer through eSign.
ASPs who can be potential users of eSign include Government agencies, Banks and Financial Institutions, Educational Institutions etc.