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Transforming Recurring Payments with Smart Mandate Application


Introducing Paycorp's Smart Mandate application, a transformative tool in the world of recurring business payments. This innovative payments service is tailor-made to enhance the efficiency of banks and corporate businesses dealing with regular financial transactions. It achieves this by seamlessly connecting with corporate ERP systems through advanced API URLs. The result? A simpler, faster approach to managing recurring payments, paving the way for a more efficient era in financial operations.

Leverage and deliver digital capabilities across their entire claim payment process, especially in the last mile; the claim payout.

  • Simplifying Recurring Payment Processes
  • Seamless integration with corporate ERP systems
  • Multiple secure authentication methods for enhanced transaction flexibility
  • Automated, reliable means to collect payments

Problem Statement

Prior to the Smart Mandate application, managing recurring payments was a major challenge for businesses and banks. Traditional methods were cumbersome and time-consuming, lacking efficient integration with ERP systems. This resulted in delayed transactions, escalated operational costs, and restricted growth for businesses relying on regular payment collections.


Addressing these challenges, we introduced the Paycorp Smart Mandate application, an all-encompassing solution. This application utilises API calls for seamless integration, simplifying the entire recurring payment process.

Our solution includes a user-friendly UI, various authentication modes (Net-banking, Debit Card, Aadhaar OTP and as well as mandate options like E-sign, and UPI Auto Pay), along with pre-built sample code to facilitate quick integration. This innovative approach has transformed how corporates and banks handle recurring payments and mandates.

Impact on Business Operations

The implementation of the Smart Mandate application has significantly improved operational efficiency and revenue generation in recurring payments. Clients have seen a dramatic reduction in the time required for setting up and processing mandates.

Automation and integration capabilities have reduced infrastructure costs and increased revenues for both banks and corporates. The ability to quickly onboard services and ensure effective audit compliance, thanks to our partnership with the NPCI team, has greatly enhanced recurring payment operations.

Influence on Recurring Payment Management

Our platform's role in streamlining recurring payment processes has been instrumental in reducing operational timelines and boosting revenue for financial institutions. It highlights the efficiency of managing recurring payments collections, ensuring timely fund availability and improved cash flow, thus contributing to the efficiency and growth of businesses in managing recurring financial transactions.

About Paycorp

At Paycorp, we are dedicated to simplifying and securing recurring payment processes for businesses through our digital platform. Our focus is on making these transactions straightforward, secure, and efficient. With solutions like the Smart Mandate application, we enable businesses to better manage their recurring finances, save time, and enhance revenue. We believe in innovative solutions that empower corporates, NBFCs and banks, making recurring financial transactions smoother and more reliable than ever.

Paycorp isn't just a service provider; it's a strategic partner in streamlining your business's recurring payment needs.