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National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) has launched the e-mandate facility in NACH system to offset failure rates, fund realization lag and collection risks.

Introducing eSign Mandate

A resilient platform for secure cost-effective real-time payments

End-to-end automation.

24x7x365 days mandate submission.

85% reduction in mandate rejection rates.

90% reduction in manadate processing costs.

e-Sign Mandate operations in compliance with NPCI involves

1. Conversion of mandate data in NPCI NACH format (PAIN format)

2. Integration with e-Sign service provide

3. Provide the data to other channels of Corporates/NBFCs in NPCI format.

4. Update the mandate status with response received from Sponsor bank.

Feature rich e-Sign Mandate Solution

Platform agnostic solutions ensuring easy integration.

Process queue mandate tracking and interactive dashboard views for high visibility

Straight through mandate processing for faster deliveries

Comprehensive MIS and interactive dashboards for better visualization

Auto alerts enabled through SMS and email

24x7x365 operations with customer centricity

Easy integration with Corporate/ NBFC’s core solution with support over Web APIs

Robust digital infrastructure with anywhere customer connect

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